Top Ten Perfect New Years Resolutions for Any Busy Mama

top 10 perfect new year resolutions for any busy mama

I love this time of year. The fresh slate of a new year. A new beginning and a time to start new.

I love reflecting back on the previous year too, figuring out what went well and building on that. Then figuring out what didn’t go so great, learning and trying to fix it for next year.

I love dreaming big and breaking down those big goals into actionable steps. I do struggle with this a bit at times but I am slowly but surely learning how to do it better and better each time. I also struggle because I am a dreamer. I dream big and want to do big always! Why do something small when it has such a potential to be this huge thing?!

What I don’t usually set tho are resolutions. I am a goal setter and a goal getter. To me, resolutions are these big ideas quickly given up on. But this year, I am trying something new.

I’m trying some resolutions that that are perfect for any busy mama ready to make a greater impact on those around her and are easily implemented in our every day life.

Top 10 Perfect New Years Resolutions for Any Busy Mama

Top Ten Perfect New Years Resolutions for Any Busy Mama


Remove things from your life that you do not need. Both physical “things” and activities.

2.Look up more.

Instead of staring down at my phone, I want to look up more. I get sucked into the black hole of my iPhone just like everyone else. It’s a daily struggle ya’ll – I want to be present in my families life, not known to always have my phone in my hand.

3.Play more.

The laundry can wait, when my little one asks me to play, I don’t want come up with an excuse. I want to play more.

4.Go on more adventures.

I’m not talking about crazy, 5 hour long adventures through the woods. But, more so adventures to places they would love – different parks, story times at the library, trips to the zoo, exploring in the back yard.

5.Make time for yourself.

Self care! Need I say more. You can’t fill everyone else cup with an empty cup. Fill your cup mama!

6.Stop comparing.

Comparison is the thief of joy. Everyone has their own struggles even if you don’t see them. Focus on your life and I’ll focus on mine 🙂

7.Go to bed earlier.

‘Nuff said.

8.Ask for help.

It’s hard to keep tiny humans alive and keep up with all of the other demands of your home and family. Ask for help more.

9.Be grateful more.

You can never have too much gratitude. Gratitude is the gateway to so many other blessings in life: contentment, joy, grace, humility, peace, forgiveness and many more.

10.Give yourself Grace.

In a Pinterest influenced world there is SO much pressure for perfection in motherhood. Oh, if there was such a thing. Stop striving for perfection, let yourself simplify, mess up, get your hands dirty – it won’t always be pretty or easy, but it will be worth it and so much more fulfilling.

Do you have any resolutions for this year? Do you resonate with any of these? Share your resolutions below, I’d love to see what else can be added to my list!

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  • Speaking of #2, I wrote a post just today about moms and cell phone addiction! While researching, I found studies that show that moms have more negative interactions with their kids when they’re on the phone. Wow, that was motivating. Great stuff here!

  • Mine from this list would be to go on more adventures! I’ve been so wrapped up into working and making money lately in order to get by that I’ve forgotten how much we need to unwind and create memories. Thanks Nicole!

  • I have trouble with asking for help. I will only do it if I’ve already done my research and absolutely can’t find the solution to my problem. I’m so independent that I feel guilty or less than enough if I ask for help. But I’m starting to change that. It’s been something I’m working on. Thanks Nicole!

  • These are some great goals! I like the one about putting your phone down. I deleted all the social media apps (except instagram which I can’t do without my phone) and only do social media during work hours. I don’t want my face in a phone 🙂