Introducing Mr. Sterling Jack

Alright, six weeks is long enough, time to come back! I’ve been gone far too long and I’ve missed blogging, but I have been immensely enjoying the time with my boys! Go grab your cup of coffee and a snack, this is gonna be a long post 🙂

If you’ve been following me on social media, you are well aware of the arrival of Sterling as well as the zillion pictures I continually post. If you haven’t seen any of these pictures, head on over to my Instagram and Facebook page and follow along 🙂

Alright, now onto Mr. Sterling.


Sterling made his grand entrance into this world Saturday, April 4th at 4:41am. He weighed a tiny 6lbs even and was 18 1/4 inches long.

Friday, April 3rd, 38 weeks, 6 days – we had a scheduled ultrasound this morning. He was still measuring four weeks behind at my doctor appointment the week before so they wanted to check his growth again. The ultrasound measured him small, his head was in the 10th percentile and his belly was in the 5th percentile. Three weeks prior he measured in the 15th percentile so he had basically stopped growing. They then performed a stress test on me which came back ok which was a blessing because that meant he wasn’t in distress! The OB on call at the hospital where we had the ultrasound diagnosed him with Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) and said that it was time that he came out. It was going to do him more harm than good being in my belly for another week so they decided they were going to induce me and told us we weren’t leaving the hospital without a baby.

We weren’t expecting that at all. I hadn’t even finished packing my hospital and surely didn’t bring it with us. Sebastian was at our friends house being well loved on, so I knew he was in good hands but I was not emotionally prepared to be leaving him for an extended period of time. As soon as they told us they were taking us down stairs to Triage we made the necessary calls, Josiah to work to tell them he wasn’t coming in that day and me to my parents who came to take care of Sebastian.

Once checked into Triage, they hooked me up to a heart rate monitor and monitor to measure contractions (which I had been having for a week prior). They also hooked me up to a iv for fluids. My midwife then checked me and I was already 2cm dilated and 75% effaced – so I guess those contractions were doing something. She then told us that the Labor and Delivery Unit and Maternity floor was packed and they had to wait until some of the rooms cleared out before they could get me started on pitocin. Apparently they were working on getting 16 people up to the maternity floor and out of L&D and since I wasn’t an emergency induction  I kept getting bumped from the line of empty rooms to ladies who were actually in labor. We ended up hanging out in triage until almost 10pm. Although we were annoyed to just be sitting there, it gave us time to process that we were actually having a baby in the next 24 hours or so. So we were able to nap, read, talk, eat and get some work done. welcomesterlingjack

My parents came for a visit and brought our bags (that my mom finished packing for us) once we were admitted into the L&D room. They had started me on pitocin once they moved me into the room which was around 10pm and told me they were going to slightly increase it until my contractions got stronger and more consistent. So we visited with my parents for a couple hours and I was laughing and talking through contractions no problem, once they left Josiah decided to take a nap since nothing grand was happening. I turned on some music and read my Bible for a bit (best thing I decided to do), I napped for a couple hours too. The nurses couldn’t believe I was sleeping through my contractions, but honestly they weren’t unbearable, they were uncomfortable but not bad, plus I had been having them like that for a week so they weren’t enough to keep me from living life and taking care of my toddler.

At about 3am my midwife came in and checked me and I was still at only 3cm, so she decided to break my water. I leaned over and asked Josiah if we should text my parents and let them know because they wanted to be at the hospital when he was born, but we agreed we will had a ways to go so we waited. By 3:30am my water was broken and my contractions immediately picked up. I labored through contractions for about half an hour rocking back and forth, sitting cross legged on the bed then moved to the shower. I sat and bounced on a labor ball in the shower for the rest of my labor. It got really intense, really fast. My contractions were right on top of each other and I kept telling Josiah that I wasn’t going to make it very long with out pain meds with my contractions like this. The only thing I had to compare it to was my labor with Sebastian which was over 48 hours long and if I still had a ways ahead of me, I was going to need pain meds to get through it. My amazing hubby/doula (he is the best doula for me out there) kept encouraging me to breath through the contractions and helped me count through the really tough ones. The contractions were coming on fast and strong with little to no break in between. The pressure was getting more and more intense and to the point where I stopped bouncing and just squatted with the hot water on my back, counting through my contractions. I let out a couple good screams (yes, I am a loud laborer) and the nurses all came running. They asked me if I was feeling pressure – “hell yeah, I am feeling pressure” was my ever so graceful response. Faster than I could catch on to what was going on, one nurse grabbed one elbow and another nurse grabbed the other, my hubby quickly trailed behind with my iv pole and they got me into the bed. Soon after the room was buzzing with nurses and one nurse check me and I was fully dilated. I couldn’t believe it, it had only been another half hour! I thought I still had hours ahead of me. She told me that when I felt the need to push I could go ahead and push. So I pushed. I think I pushed a total of five times for about ten minutes. The midwife barely made it into the room, really just in time to catch Sterling and plop him on my chest. An hour and ten minutes later, he was here.

As they set him on my chest I started laughing. “He’s here already?!” I couldn’t believe how quickly it went. I still sit in awe of how quickly he came once I was in active labor.We hadn’t even had the chance to text my parents. It was amazing to have my new baby laying on my chest all snuggled in, the perfect pink color and crying. He latched right away and started nursing with no problems. I can’t tell you how amazing that was, especially after the nightmare I had starting out breastfeeding Sebastian.

They weighed him about an hour later and sure enough, he was six pounds! I was so thankful! They had estimated he was under six pounds, so that he was at six pounds was a huge blessing. I felt great after Sterling’s birth, I was up moving around after a couple hours and showered early that afternoon. Boy was that shower glorious! Later that afternoon, everyone came to visit, my siblings, my parents, my grandparents and my first baby – Sebastian. All of Sebastian’s baby-ness was gone as soon as I saw him next to Sterling, he was a big boy now.

By dinner time we were moved upstairs to the maternity ward. Josiah went home and showered and I visited with my mom for a bit. That first night wasn’t too bad, Sterling slept great and I was waking him up every three – four hours to nurse him. That next morning they told us we could leave after we got through the necessary check list (hearing test, pediatrician visit, circumcision) if I wanted to and felt up to it. I chose to work on going home, I don’t relax well in the hosptial and I had my mom, Mags and Josiah to help with Sebastian. So, by 6pm on Sunday evening, we were walking through the front door with our new little baby. Starting out life as a family of four! welcomesterlingjack

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