52 Weeks of Lists – Week Eight


Week Eight // List the ways I am at my best

  • Good nights sleep
  • Shower
  • Hair dried & straightened
  • Makeup on
  • Cute (that I think is cute) outfit
  • Heels
  • Devotions read first thing in the morning
  • My day organized
  • Food in my belly
  • Well hydrated
  • Productive day
  • Have had some me time

****Download List #8 Here****

How are you at your best? Please feel free to download the PDF of Week Four above and to post your list to your blog, just don’t forget to link back here :) if you can put the link to your post down in the comments I would love that so that I can check out all of your lists! I hope you enjoy this year long project and I can’t wait to continue sharing a little bit about myself, one list at a time!

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