My thoughts on being a mommy of (almost) 2

Let me start out by saying I already love this little guy more than I could ever express or put into words.


As the weeks keep getting closer and closer and more and more things get added onto my to do list, I find myself trying to imagine what it’s going to be like once he is here. I go through moments of excitement and then moments of panic.

Can I do this? Will I be able to still show Sebastian the attention he needs and wants? Will I be able to keep up with my home, my husband and my blog? How will I handle a newborn, no sleep AND a toddler? Will Sebastian handle the change well? How will I be able to meet everyone’s needs – Josiah, Sebastian and Baby?

I am starting to go through major withdrawals of time spent with Sebastian, I know it won’t be the same once this baby comes. I don’t want to miss a second of either of their lives. Time is so precious. I don’t want to skip a beat. Is there enough time in the day? For both of them? To give them both the cuddles and snuggles they both need and want? They say your heart grows, and to an extent I have felt it grow but will I be able to give each of them as much of me as they need?

Can I do this?

Some days I am so sure of myself, I love this, this is my dream. Of course I can do this.

But some days the questions don’t seem to stop. They overwhelm me and make me doubt myself, my ability.

Thankfully I have God’s strength to lean on. I know He will help me get through the change. I know this is where He has me in life and He will supply whatever I need, sleep, support, strength. I am thankful for His grace and love and His promises.

Please pray for me during this upcoming transition for my family. I know it’s going to bring a lot of change and your prayers will be much needed and appreciated.

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