52 Weeks of Lists – Week Four

Sorry all, I am a day behind. I had a sick kiddo yesterday who needed lots of snuggles.


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52 Weeks of Lists: Week Four // List The Things That Make You Feel Healthy

  • Being outside
  • Girltalk
  • Reading my Bible
  • Eating salad
  • Home cooking
  • Running sneakers
  • Eight hours of sleep
  • Drinking lots of water
  • A clean house
  • Cleaning with chemical-free cleaners
  • My life & daily routine being organized
  • Clean sheets
  • Worship
  • Smiling
  • Accepting life – both past and present
  • Not stuffing my feelings or hurt
  • Being consistent in my walk with God
  • Deep, meaningful talks with my hubby
  • Running around after Sebastian
  • Exercising
  • Building friendships
  • Feeling accomplished
  • Not watching a lot of tv
  • Being hydrated
  • Being consistent



****Download List #4 Here****

What makes you feel healthy? It was easy for me to come up with the physical health aspect, but the mind and soul health made me think a little. Print out this weeks list and see if you can write all the different aspects of feeling healthy out. Please feel free to download the PDF of Week Four above and to post your list to your blog, just don’t forget to link back here 🙂 if you can put the link to your post down in the comments I would love that so that I can check out all of your lists! I hope you enjoy this year long project and I can’t wait to continue sharing a little bit about myself, one list at a time!


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